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Proof of Life Fandom

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Proof of Life

This community is dedicated to anything and everything about the movie Proof of Life.

When I first started writing POL fic I looked everywhere for a place to post but I couldn't fine one. So I finally decided to make one of my own.

This is a place to post your POL fiction, icons, graphics, fanvids, whatever. Talk about the movie, the characters, the actors. We accept all types of fiction, slash, gen, or het as long as you follow the rule laid out below.

By joining this community you are agreeing to abide by the rules of the community.

- Respect your fellow authors and artists:
Flaming will not be tolerated. Do it once you will be warned. Do it again you will be removed.

- When posting fiction:
Use an lj-cut. If you don’t know how, here is the FAQ.

Please use the following label or something similar:

Word Count:
Author’s Note:

The following fiction rating system is preferred.
FRC – content suitable for most ages
FRT – some material may not be suitable for young children
FRT-13 – contains content not suitable for children
FRM – contains material suitable for mature teens and older
FRAO – contains explicit content suitable for mature adults only

But the standard movie rating system is acceptable. Make sure all of your fics are properly rated with one of these two systems.

- When posting icons or graphics:
Post two or three teasers then post the rest under an lj-cut.

- Tags:
To keep things organized I will set up tags for authors, pairings, and type of post. Once your tags are created please tag all of your posts.

Sample tag combination:
author: aeoncole, pairing: terry/dino, type: fic:slash

Once you have made your first post comment here to request an author's or artist's tag.

- Affiliates:
If you would like to affiliate with this community then post a comment here.


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